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FilAsia Realty Services


1. FilAsia does brokerage, sales, and rentals for:

  • Condominiums

  • House and lots

  • Commercial offices and spaces

  • Commercial lots and buildings

2. Beyond this, we also have assistance for documentations, such as:

  • title verification

  • transfer of title

  • right of way

  • extra-judicial settlements, and 

  • others

3. We do, as well, consultancy in finance, especially for: 

  • mortgage redemption insurance

  • fire and theft insurance

  • bank and pag-ibig financing assistance.

4. We have particular expertise in helping foreigners purchase properties in the Philippines within the bounds of the legal framework of our country, assist in processing required papers for them as requirements for their purchase, such as:

  • foreign retiree's resident visa

  • investor's visa

  • foreign spouse's visa

  • registration of a corporation which will buy properties

5. We have also assisted separated spouses based abroad to purchase properties under their names, again, within legal bounds, and purchases for an in behalf of minors, elderly, and other family members and friends. Documentation may include:

  • court recognition of divorce consummated in other countries

  • trust agreements holding properties in trust for minors, elderly, and other individuals

  • wills

  • and the like

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