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Guides and Blogs: Buying Basics


Who Can Buy Real Estate in the Philippines?

One of the most basic questions that have been commonly asked by real estate buyers is about who are allowed to own real estate in the Philippines. This question is foremost in the minds of OFWs, especially those who have changed citizenship and foreigners and their spouses.  There have also been several questions about what limitations dual citizens are allowed...Read More


Documents Any Developer Should Have

Many first time buyers are usually excited about their first purchase but have little knowledge about what they should consider. For the new buyers, and others who care to double check their purchase, here are some tips on what government issued documents to look for from a developer and its project, especially when the company is new and has no track record...Read More


Condo Living

An uncle visiting Cebu again after a few years tells me he wouldn't know his way through the city if I were to leave him by himself. He says it with a look in his face like most of my Cebuano real estate clients who have just recently returned to Cebu. It's a look of pleasant awe and amazement, plus a tinge of pride, at the speed with which change has swooped Cebu...Read More


The Importance of the License To Sell (LTS)

Buying a property is such a big decision, since a big deal of money is involved. This is even more so if the property you are considering would be the one and only such realty you will buy in your lifetime. Buyer statistics in Cebu actually show that a vast majority buy only once, usually for their own and their family’s use.  That is why there is little or no room for mistakes.  Fortunately, we can learn from the mistakes of others as told below...Read More


Real Estate Terminologies

You have been working abroad for a time now.  You have already paid up for loans you incurred to be able to go abroad and have sent most of your younger brothers and sisters through school.  It is now the perfect time to buy a property for you and your family. This will be the lasting legacy you can leave them, something you and your family can be proud of and will be the ultimate symbol of your success...Read More

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